An Education of Enduring Worth

Some call it the liberal arts. Others call it teaching for 21st century skills. Augustana University specializes in providing an education designed for the innovators and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  

Learning from a faculty of renowned professors, students build a foundation of knowledge, discover their passions, explore their vocation, develop specialties and realize the significance and meaning of serving others. 

Students have the option to pursue multiple majors and minors while building experience through choice hands-on learning opportunities.

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Augustana University

At Augustana University, the academic sector is organized around a College of Arts & Sciences and four schools — the Sharon Lust School of Education, School of Business, School of Health Professions and School of Music.


An affiliation includes all of the faculty within a division of the College of Arts & Sciences and its schools.

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences consists mainly of traditional liberal arts undergraduate programs. Undergraduate students enter the university through the College of Arts & Sciences and then may participate in programs within the affiliated schools. 

Divisions & Schools

Three divisions — humanities, natural sciences and social sciences — and departments exist within the College of Arts & Sciences. Each of the divisions is led by a division chair.

Four schools contain programs with similar disciplinary interests; typically, these have professional emphases and graduate-level programs. Each of the four schools is led by a dean.


Humanities Affiliation


Natural Sciences Affiliation


Social Sciences Affiliation